What Sets Us Apart

Friendly and Professional

We understand how important both comfort and professionalism are to our patients. We make sure to provide a warm, friendly environment for everyone who comes to our office while also demonstrating a dedication to efficiency and excellence of service. We know our patients by name and invite them to enjoy our peaceful, uncluttered practice with a fresh cup of coffee and music from our satellite radio system.

Personalized Care

Recognizing that each of our patients has unique dental care needs, our team is always focused on creating a personalized experience for the individuals we serve. We create custom treatment plans to help our patients achieve the goals they set for their health in a comfortable setting.

Modern Tools for Perfect Smiles

We invest in the most advanced dental health technology in the field. This gives us a wide variety of options to meet the needs of our patients. Today’s dental care philosophy revolves around quickly and accurately identifying a patient’s needs and fulfilling those needs in an efficient, pain-free environment.

Continuing Care

Our practice is dedicated to the ongoing dental health of our patients as they grow, change, and develop new needs. We are experienced in working with patients of all ages and are proud to be your preferred family dentist for a lifetime.

Dental Sleep Medicine

We have advanced training in dental sleep medicine so we can help screen, identify, and provide solutions for patients who aren’t getting the rest they need to be their healthiest. We offer diagnostic home sleep testing (HST) and collaborate with off-site sleep physicians to confirm test results.

Then we can offer oral appliance therapy as an alternative to conventional CPAP/mask treatment when appropriate. It’s so rewarding when patients tell us how finally getting the rest they need has changed their relationships, energy, and work for the better!

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